Topping the list of idea destinations for tourists from the famous website of Tripadvisor, Da Nang is not only the center city of the Central Coast Viet Nam but also the all-in place which has a lot of attractions for tourists to discover.

Places to visit

Marble Mountains

The group of 5 limestone mountains has been the signature of Da Nang for years. Presenting 5 elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth, Marble Mountains are the cradle of nature. Coming here, you will be amazed by what have been created by the hand of Mother Nature. Inside every cave, you can find lots of Buddha naturally curved and shaped, especially Huyen Khong cave. Therefore, this place is the main part of a so-called “spiritual travel”. Through Van Thong cave, you can go to the peak of the Water mountain which offers you the panoramic view of the whole Non Nuoc Beach and surroundings. Marble Mountains are also the shelters for Vietnamese soldiers during Viet Nam War against French colonial and American Invasion. Nowadays, this place and surrounding areas have become home of local artisans who are keen on stone sculpture and artwork.

Linh Ung Pagoda – Son Tra Peninsula

Lying on the side of Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda (one of three) is another place in your journey of “spiritual travel”. Facing the East Sea, Linh Ung Pagoda offers you the endlessly beautiful view of the ocean and surrounding area. And the best feature of Linh Ung Pagoda that you come all the way to see is the enormous statue of Quan The Am – Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. The all-white statue is 67m – the tallest statue of Quan The Am in Viet Nam and one of the tallest statues in South East Asia. Looking toward to the ocean, the statue Buddhist Goddess of Mercy is protecting the whole city from all the dangers that comes from the sea. At night, the statue is also the lighthouse for fisherman with the pray for safety peace.

Bana Hills

Originally known as a place for French Colonial soldiers to take a rest during the Viet Nam War, Bana Hills now has been developed into a huge destination for ecotourism and leisure. With the record of the longest and highest cable car all over the world, Bana Hills offers you the cool and fresh environment of the mountain and nature in surrounding areas. On the top of the hills, you can visit French Village, the garden Le Jardin D’amour and the Fantasy Park – the biggest indoor theme park in South East Asia. And another Linh Ung Pagoda is also a place that you don’t want to miss when going there.

Danang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Located in the center of Danang City, right next to Vanda Hotel, Danang Museum of Cham Sculpture (Cham Museum) is proud to be the largest collection of artifacts from the ancient Cham Civilization from 2nd century AD all over the world. Here you can enjoy seeing most of the artworks made from sandstone, terracotta and bronze, hearing stories about a very faraway civilization.  There are many statues of god and goddess in Cham culture such as Vishnu, Shiva and especially the symbols of lingaism – linga and yoni, which are from 07th to 15th century.

Asia Park

Covering a site of over 88 hectares and designed by the worldwide renowned architect Bill Bensley, Asia Park with the World’s Fourth Largest Wheel – Sun Wheel is not only an extraordinary architectural masterpiece but also one of the most unique amusement parks in the world. The whole area is implemented with 4 main functional areas, namely the cultural park, the amusement park, the multi-functional center and one spacious parking area. Cultural park showcases 9 typical landscapes in Asian countries: Japan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand,Korea, China, Nepal and Vietnam; Asia Park including a miniature of architectures, landscapes and historical monuments, arts, entertainments, and crafts...symbolizing each country in order that tourists can comfortably explore. The amusement park is designed for various types of recreations with latest and most adventurous games in the world to meet the needs of tourists at all ages.The multi-functional center is the venue where indoor activities - from theatre, opera, musical events, sports, movies… to animal circus or dolphin performance - take place. If you are a person who is seeking for fun and adventure, Asia Park is a place for you.

Han Market

At the end of every journey, you all want to bring something from where you have been to back home. In Da Nang City, you can head to Han Market right away. This place gives you the taste of the whole central coast of Vietnam with lots of local delicacies, dried and fresh food, fabric, clothes and flowers. One tip for you to shop here is: Bargain as much as you can. Because as they say, it’s a cultural point of the marketplace.

The fantastic bridges

Also known as “The city of the bridges”, Da Nang City has the most famous and beautiful bridges in South East Asia and over the world. Started with Han River Bridge in 2000 – the first swing bridge in Viet Nam, Danang continue to connect two sides of Han River by architectural masterpieces as Thuan Phuoc Bridge – Viet Nam’s longest cable-stayed bridge, Dragon Bridge – the biggest Dragon Bridge in the world and Tran Thi Ly Bridge with the most unique contemporary design.  The legacy bridges not only help to create the new face of the city but also attract a lot photographers and tourists. 

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