The ancient Imperial City of Vietnam embraces the elegant and peaceful beauty within. Ariving at Hue, you can feel the breeze from the very old days in humans, in customs, lifestyle and architecture which are still well-maintained until nowadays. Being the capital of Viet Nam from 17th century to first half of 18th century, Hue is the historical witness of many ups and downs during the Nguyen Dynasty – the last feudal dynasty in the history of Viet Nam. Hue finished its mission of being Viet Nam’s capital in 1945 when Bao Dai – the last King of Nguyen Dynasty abdicated. Through Viet Nam Wars against French Colonial and America Invasion, what has been left uptil now of Hue the Imeprial Citadel still makes Vietnamese people proud of a well-built historical former capital with beautiful culture

Nestling in a narrow valley roughly 2km wide surrounded by mountains about 69km south west from Danang City, this temple, tower complex is a masterpiece of ancient Cham architecture. My Son consists of 70 architectural works ranging from small to great size. It used to be holly land of Cham people from the 4th to 13th century.

Just 20 minutes from Cua Dai Beach by express boat, Cham Island is really a tropical paradise for you to explore. Consisting of 8 small islands which has been recognized by UNESCO as World Biosphere Reserve, this ideal destination is endowed with marvelous topography of mountain slopes and biological diversity. By its wide variety of leisure activities in a picturesque and pristine setting, Cham Island offers traditional forms of recreation range from swimming on crystal-clear beaches, sunbathing on long-stretching white-sandy coast to exploring the forest.

Being not only an ancient town that has a long and amazing history recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in1999, but also one of the most romantic cities all over the world, Hoi An offers you the scent of traditional Vietnamese culture mixed with various other cultures in architecture and customs.

Topping the list of idea destinations for tourists from the famous website of Tripadvisor, Da Nang is not only the center city of the Central Coast Viet Nam but also the all-in place which has a lot of attractions for tourists to discover.

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