Nestling in a narrow valley roughly 2km wide surrounded by mountains about 69km south west from Danang City, this temple, tower complex is a masterpiece of ancient Cham architecture. My Son consists of 70 architectural works ranging from small to great size. It used to be holly land of Cham people from the 4th to 13th century. In the 4th century, after the construction of Tra Kieu, the religious center of Cham kingdom was set in My Son to welcome royal members, aristocrats and host important religious rituals as well as to be the burial place for Cham royalty and national heroes.

Continually developing through nearly nine centuries, My Son witnessed the glorious, prosperous as well as declining time of Champa kingdom. After 13th century with the collapse of Champa Kingdom, be forgotten for hundreds of years, in 1898, this holly land was explored by a French scholar. Although being badly damaged after Viet Nam war, My Son Sanctuary is still regarded one of the foremost Hindu temple complexes in Southeast Asia in comparison with Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Bagan of Myanmar and Ayutthaya of Thailand… In 1999, My Son was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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